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Triangl is the most popular swimwear brand in the world with high profile celebrity fans and over 3 million followers on Instagram. Neoprene bikinis exclusive to their website. Affordable & effortlessly cool.

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Fullscreen lookbook campaign images convey Triangl's strong brand.


Fullscreen Images
Alternate, optimised images are displayed on smaller screens to maintain the fullscreen look and feel across all devices.


Product Collection Pages
Long collection pages showcase all the products in the collecton. Lazy image loading speeds up page load times and ensures images appear as the user scrolls.


Product Images
Product on white shown alongside campaign photography.


Product Detail Pages
Top and Bottoms are seperate products in Shopify (for better inventory management) but are always presented to the user as a single product.


Sales Funnel
Clean, simple layout with clear calls to action ensures the user can move easily and quickly through the sales funnel on any device.


Triangl Girls
For these girls, all across the world - summer never ends.


Brand Content
Regularly updated, the Triangl Girls page brings the brand to life.